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GH Sports LDN

GH Sports LDN Pink Barbell Pad

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GH Sports Pink Barbell Pad - Thick Foam Padding, Rubber Squat Pad with 2 Straps & Carry Bag - Neck, Back & Shoulder Support for Weightlifting, Hip Thrusts, Squats - Fits Olympic Barbell

  • For Your Protection - Power through your lifts while keeping your neck, shoulders, and back well-protected. This foam pad distributes weight evenly so you won’t strain your body while working out.
  • Designed for Your Comfort - Made to fit a standard Olympic bar, this dense foam squat pad allows you to lift heavy weights without them digging or causing painful pressure on your neck and shoulders.
  • Secure Fit - With its non-slip surface, this barbell cushion is sure to stay firmly in place. Secure both ends of the pad with the included 2 straps so it won’t slip or slide even during training.
  • Own it for Years - No need to worry about replacements any time soon. Made of thick and durable foam rubber material, this bar pad for the gym won’t easily get worn or torn even with frequent use.
  • Pack & Carry - Available with its own storage bag, this squat pad can be easily stored in your locker or gym bag. It also serves as added protection from accidental scratches or damage on its surface.

Barbell pad

They Say No Pain, No Gain. But You Also Shouldn’t Risk Injuring Yourself.

Sure, you’ll feel varying levels of soreness when you first start training which is completely normal. What’s not normal is letting yourself get battered and bruised when there’s something that can help you alleviate some of the pain, like barbell pads!

A good barbell pad can help you train and get fit while minimising the risk of injury. A pad that’s thick, durable, and designed to fit all kinds of weighted bars should do the trick. Our squat pad fits all of these qualities plus a few other features like portability and the inclusion of straps and a bag.

The Barbell Pad by GH Sports can help make training safer and less painful for you!


Barbell Pad

Reduce Your Risk of Injury

With this thick bar cushion in the middle of your barbell, its weight will be distributed across a wider area when lifted. As such, you won’t feel as much pressure against your back and hips, lowering the chances of injury even during an intense workout.

If you’ve just recovered from a previous injury, including this barbell pad in your gear can help ease your way to your usual training regimen.


Barbell Pad

Train Without the Pain

Weighted metal bars can dig against your skin and leave bruises, especially during intense training. Such pain might cause you to consider quitting, or, worse, stop you from beginning a fitness programme in the first place.

Why suffer when you can have one of our thick squat pads? Fit one in your barbell and feel a cushiony soft sensation against your neck and shoulders instead of the cold and uncomfortable hardness of the metal bar.


Barbell Pad

Stays Firmly in Place

Worried about the cushion slipping or sliding and causing more harm than good? Don’t fret! Our protective pad comes with two adjustable straps with buckles to secure each end. This way, the pad stays in the middle of the weighted bar while you do squats, lunges, and hip thrusts.

Plus, it’s designed to fit standard Olympic barbells, so you’ll always have a perfectly fitted cushion whenever you train.


Barbell Pad

Non-Slip Surface

Working out can make you sweaty, which, in turn, might make your skin slippery, even for a padded barbell.

Fortunately, our squat pad is designed with non-slip technology for a secure hold while training and exercising. If you have sweaty palms, you can hold onto the centre of this bar cushion for a secure grip - making it perfect for amping up your training regimen at the gym or training centre.


Barbell Pad

Thick & Durable

Our barbell pad is made of thick foam rubber that’s dense enough to avoid getting crushed under heavy weight. It won’t get torn or deformed easily, so you’ll have this weighted bar cushion for years to come. Gradually increase your weights without worrying about the pad collapsing or getting destroyed.

The extra thick pad also ensures that you feel nothing but comfort while you train.


Barbell Pad

Storage Bag Included

You’ll have to carry your barbell pad around so you’ll always be protected as you exercise and train. Thus, our squat pad comes with a convenient storage bag so you can safely pack it inside your gym bag, protecting it from getting scratched by other stuff in your gym gear.

The storage bag can also keep the pad protected and clean while it’s stored in your gym locker.

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